Servicing your transmission cannot go understated. It is vital to the optimal usage of your vehicle. Luckily, Aventura Brakes & Auto Services offers these Transmission Services!

Transmission Services

The transmission, similar to the engine, requires lubrication to run optimally. Instead of using oil, there is special transmission fluid which is formed at a specific viscosity. While oil can sometimes be used as a temporary measure with little to no noticeable difference, the long-term benefits of your transmission will suffer greatly if left ongoing. We urge you to see a mechanic immediately if you risk transmission failure.

oil changes in hollywood floridaTransmission Flush – One of the most common transmission services we offer is the flush. The additives in the fluid deplete over time, and every manufacturer recommends replacing them periodically. A transmission flush is a liquid that is forced through the system to rid the additives from the system that might still cling and accumulate, similar to ridding your veins of clots.

Transmission Fluid Change – The Fluid change is usually the step two of the flush transmission process. This is where we simply withdraw all of the transmission fluid from the system and replace it with brand new, optimal fluid which will keep your engine and the car running for a very long time.

Transmission ServicesTransmission Servicing – The transmission has a lot of intricate parts working for it. Each of these parts is usually designed never to need any work done. However, work will sometimes need to be done. If you use the transmission servicing service, you will receive manual inspections of the working parts of your engine.

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