Transmission Repair Miramar

Do you need Transmission Repair in Miramar?

miramar transmission repair A transmission going out can be stressful on anyone involved in maintaining their car. If you are looking for a transmission repair specialist in Miramar, you should contact us over at Aventura Brakes and Auto.

Avenutra Brakes and auto have been working in the area for several years and in that time we have helped countless business owners and car owners with their vehicles.

How to Tell if your Transmission is acting up

  • If you are experiencing rough shifts in between gears
  • If your automatic transition doesn’t rev up as fast
  • Is your car leaking fluid on the ground and it is bright red.
  • Do you have a transmission warning light and it is now on?

Why should you use Aventura Brakes and Auto?

We are Cheap

In comparison to other repair shops in the area, we are often much cheaper than our competitors. We are family owned, and because of that, we have much more freedom to keep our prices low when compared to corporate competitors.

We are Fast

transmission repair miramar

We work fast and when you are repairing transmissions that’s all you can ask for. While we won’t be able to get it done overnight, we can have it up and running in a matter of days instead of weeks.

We are Skilled

We are a family of skilled mechanics, and as we pass on more information from person to person, we are getting better all the time. IF you would like to learn more about our services, let us know.

Aventura Brakes and Auto

Aventura Brakes and Auto has been helping with Miramar Transmission Repair for countless years. There hasn’t been a problem that has stumped us, and we constantly work on providing the best services in the area. If you would like to learn more about our services and prices, be sure to call us today!

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