Transmission Repair Miami

What is the Transmission?

Transmission Repair MiamiThe transmission is one of the most important parts of every vehicle and without, your vehicle will not run and could lead to additional problems. It’s important to understand that when you’re researching “transmission repair Miami,” you’re able to understand just exactly what you’re getting into.

The transmission is responsible for communicating to the engine what gear it needs to be in. For example, when you move your car from P to D (in automatic transmission vehicles) you are telling your cars transmission that it needs to go from a resting position to a moving position. If there is a problem communicating with your vehicle that it needs to be moving when it needs to be staying still you are creating an influx in the engine and potentially moving when it shouldn’t need to.

Are you having problems with the Transmission?

Many telltale signs should be acknowledged when you are having transmission problems. These are signs that you need to come in and see us and trust us when we say that a problem here if unaddressed can result in a much higher costing and much worse condition for your car to be in. If you see any of these signs, call us immediately at 305-931-6603:

  •  Rough Shifts in Gears
  •  Delayed Engagement (Not to be confused with inappropriate placing)
  •  Fluid Leaks under your car (BRIGHT RED FLUID MEANS CALL US NOW)
  • Transmission Repair Miami Transmission Warning Light

Once again, if you have any of these problems, call us immediately at 305-931-6603

Transmission Repair Miami

We are fully trained and certified mechanics is working out of Aventura. We can pick up your car or tow it if you need help. But please call us if you suspect anything is wrong with your transmission. There are a few things that you can ignore in your car for long enough that it won’t matter, but a problem with your transmission if left untreated could mean tanking your car completely. Call us today if you would like to receive an estimate or if you want to discuss symptoms that could possible be transmission related: 305-931-6603

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