Transmission Repair Miami Gardens

What does your Transmission do?

A well-built transmission is essential to having a properly running automobile. Similar to how the gears on a bicycle work, an automobile’s transmission is an automatic gear shifter. In a manual automobile, the transmission will operate the gears with a clutch which the driver will manually change. Any damage, wear and tear or just age of the transmission can cause your vehicle to operate improperly. From not being able to reverse to not increasing in speed, your vehicle’s transmission should be inspected regularly to avoid the trouble of having to fix, which can be very costly.

Transmission Repair Warning Signs!

transmission repair in miami gardensThe best way to avoid costly transmission repair is with the regular maintenance of your vehicle and its transmission. A vehicle’s transmission is built into the mechanics of your automobile. It is located under your vehicle near the front center. The position of the transmission makes any visible damage difficult to visually inspect and without the proper equipment impossible to repair on your own. What you can do is watch for any warning signs that would indicate your vehicle’s transmission may be malfunctioning. These warning signs include.

  • Problems with shifting gears
  • Grinding or shimmying between gears
  • Unusual noises and “whines”
  • Burnt, cloudy transmission fluid
  • Burning odor
  • Leaking transmission fluid

When experiencing any of the early warning signs of a faulty transmission it is best to take your vehicle to a professional for a detailed inspection to properly determine the cause of the malfunction.

Do you need Transmission Repair Miami Gardens?

For over 25 years Aventura Brakes and Auto has been the trusted transmission repair in Miami Gardens. Aventura Brakes and Auto’s professionally trained and certified mechanics will make sure your vehicle and its transmission operate properly. The friendly staff at Aventura Brakes and Auto are specially trained in the rebuild, repair and replacing of any vehicles transmission, which makes them the go-to transmission repair in Miami Gardens and surrounding communities.Transmission Repair Miami Gardens

Aventura Brakes and Auto’s service is fast! The mechanics are able to diagnose the malfunction in your vehicles transmission in little time, which would make the process of repair or replacing start sooner. This is very convenient for the community of Miami Gardens locals to be able to have their vehicle back and in great condition quicker.

Having to repair a transmission can become very costly. Aventura Brakes and Auto’s competitive prices makes any repairs or replacements affordable. Unlike other transmission repair shops that prefer half-way service to ensure a returning customer Aventura Brakes and Auto use reliability as the main focus. Satisfying a customer with affordable, fast , trusted and reliable service is how Aventura Brakes and Auto prefers to operate and the community of Miami Gardens is happy they do things this way.

Being family owned and operated since 1989, transmission repair in Miami Gardens has never been so convenient. Offering a full array of auto repair services, Aventura Brakes and Auto has the quality tools and skills to inspect, diagnose and repair and problems your vehicle maybe having. These skills passed through several generations keeps Aventura Brakes and Auto leaps beyond any other transmission repair in Miami Gardens. No matter the year, make, or model of your vehicle Aventura Brakes and Auto’s skilled mechanics are well qualified to get you and your vehicle back on the road in no time and with no headaches.

Ensure your own safety by taking your car in for regular maintenance today. Whether you’re taking care of a long overdue oil change or if you need something repaired, Aventura Brakes & Auto Center is the only automobile center that will do its absolute best to make sure your car is in the best possible shape. Call today and we’ll help you get started on your car maintenance!

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