Transmission Repair Miami

At Aventura Brakes and Auto we provide the best transmission repair Miami. No matter what kind of service you need, we provide it. At Aventura Brakes and Auto, we cover transmission repair, maintenance and replacement for all models of calls.

If you’re hearing or feeling the following symptoms, call us today!

  • Poor Response TimeSlide5
  • Whines, Hums and Cracks
  • Leaking Fluid
  • Grinding or Shaking
  • Burnt Smell
  • Poor Gear Responsiveness
  • Is the Check Engine Light On?
  • Loud in Neutral?
  • Slipping Gears
  • Clutch that Drags

If you are receiving any of the problems, you might need some of our excellent services listed below!

Transmission Repair Miami

Transmission Repair – If you’re receiving rough shifts, slow engagement or slipping in gears, you definitely need to get your transmission checked out. Luckily, Transmissions are some of the only parts of the car that give clear signs that it needs help. Most of the time any of the problems that are present and caught at an early stage can be fixed very easily. We recommend coming in ever 4-6 months for routine checkups on transmission.

Transmission Repair Miami

Transmission Replacement – If you ignore a problem for too long, then you run the risk of destroying your transmission. The first discussion we will have will be if you think it’s worth it. Most of the time, repairing the transmission can actually be worth it because it’s surprising inexpensive in comparison. Although it does take a very long time to completely finish the project up to standard.

Transmission Maintenance – Part of the reason why we believe you should come in every 4-6 months is because as long as you maintain and repair your transmission you will never need to replace it. Like most parts of the vehicle, with proper care and upkeep, they can keep performing on quality for a very long time. Our transmission maintenance programs allow you to be in control of how much maintenance we perform on your vehicle.