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The problem with your Transmission

Hollywood Transmission Repair It is much easier for us to fix a transmission than it is to replace one completely. Transmissions can cause slippages and minor problems more often than you recognize, but you need to understand the symptoms before we can give you the diagnosis. Follow these steps, and we promise to give you the best transmission repair Davie has to offer!

Fluid Leaking – Transmission fluid is anywhere from red to dark orange. If you see either of these, you need to see us immediately!

Burning Smell – Does it smell like burning? Then you need our services, but if it smells roasty or sweet than it is the transmission.

Shaking – Transmissions try to calculate and match the motions of the motor. When the car is shaking, it’s similar to a heart palpitation, your car is trying to catch up to itself, and it’s rhythm.

Transmission Repair Hollywood

Noisy in Neutral – Noisy transmissions often mean simply adding more transmission fluid, but you should always make sure that a professional does it so they can test and confirm it as well.

Poor Response Time – If there is a delay in changing gears due, that is solely a transmission problem and a telltale sign that there is a problem.

The Sounds – Clunking Whining and Humming are all sounds of a transmission crying out for help.

The Sights – If your check engine light is coming on and there is no apparent problem, it is often either your catalytic converter or your transmission.

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