Transmission Repair Hialeah

Why do Transmissions Break?

Transmissions, like all parts of a car, will break over time due to excessive use. The difference between the transmissions breaking and other parts is that it is an exponentially treatable problem. By that we mean, once the problem starts with your transmission, bring it in as fast as possible. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage can become. This is when you should call your Transmission Repair Hialeah Specialist!

Symptoms of a dying Transmission?

Transmission Repair HialeahFluid Leaking – The clearest sign of a transmission having a problem is with fluid leaking. The transmission fluid is a bright red or dark brown liquid depending on how old it is. If you see this is leaking, bring it in immediately!

The Whining – When Transmissions begin slipping they will whine in between gear changes and rotations. You often hear this when a car is squealing without having a tire based burnout.

Strange Engagements – Rough shifts happen when there are divots inside the transmission. These can also manifest in delayed engagements, which is when you switch gears, and there is a delay in the response or a slow lurch before actually beginning to activate the engine.

How we Fix it!

oil change in hollywood floridaWe are Fast – When we catch the problem early enough, repairing a transmission can be easy. It may take an hour or two to access it, but depending on the damage, we can fix it easily.

We are Good – We don’t try and rip off our customers. We will always be direct with you about how the best way to go about repairing the transmission will be.

Replacement – Sometimes it is too late though. Often it is necessary to replace the transmission instead of fixing it.

Aventura Brakes and our Transmission Repair Hialeah Team!

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