Transmission Repair Davie

What does your Transmission do?

Your Transmission is vital for keeping your car in rhythm. The transmission determines what gear the car is in and helps connect the engine to the wheels. Next, to the engine, it is the most important part of the car and is best if kept up to date.

How to tell if your Transmission is failing

Transmission Repair Davie There are four primary ways of telling if your transmission is failing.

Rough Shift in Gears – When you are changing gears, is it a little sticky or does it make an audible clunk when changing gears? This means that some of the gears might be lacking lubrication and are grinding against each other.

Delayed Engagement – Have you switched gears and the engine revs before there is any movement? This can mean that the transmission isn’t communicating fast enough with the rest of the car and needs work!

Fluid Leaks – While green fluid is coolant and brown fluid is oil, red fluid is the transmission. If you see this leaking or below your car, you need to call us right away. Do not hesitate; you can be turning an easy hundred dollar problem into a few thousand dollar problem within a few hours, this is not a drill.

Davie Transmission Repair

Warning Light – Another easy way to tell if there is a problem with your car is that if there are any hints of a problem such as these and the light turns on shortly after.

When to Repair your Transmission

We recommend that everyone comes in twice a year to discuss their car and work on doing tune ups and regularly scheduled maintenance. If you are experiencing any of the problems above and haven’t come in to fix them yet, it’s important to take the time and do so.

Transmission Repair Davie

We are fully trained, and certified mechanics are working out of Aventura. We can pick up your car or tow it if you need help. But please call us if you suspect anything is wrong with your transmission. There are a few things that you can ignore in your car for long enough that it won’t matter, but a problem with your transmission if left untreated could mean tanking your car completely. Call us today if you would like to receive an estimate or if you want to discuss symptoms that could possible be transmission related: 305-931-6603

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