Oil Change in Hollywood, Florida

oil change in hollywood floridaAn oil and filter change is a process where a person drains out the old motor oil in a car and replaces it with fresh new oil. While the car undergoes an oil change, the filter is also changed as well.

Do I need an Oil Change?

Yes, all cars need an oil change. Doing oil changes help extend the longevity of your vehicle and avoid costly trips to the mechanic. How often you change your oil depends on a few things

  • Driving conditions
  • Environmental factors
  • Age of the engine
  • Stop and go driving
  • Highway driving
  • How you drive your car

Most car manuals recommend that you have an oil change every 3,000 to 10,000 miles. However, everyaventura brakes and auto oil change 5000 miles might be a good sweet spot for you. However, depending on the conditions, 5000 might be too soon or late. Still, for most people that might be a great place. For those who are unsure, you might need oil changes more frequently if:

  • Live in extreme heat climate or cold climate
  • Engage in high-speed driving
  • Drive on dirt roads
  • Your car has an older engine and burns oil
  • Your car carried heavy load often

If this if your car situation, it may be a good idea to check out a mechanic and get the proper oil change care.

oil changes in hollywood floridaWhy do I need Oil Changes?

Well first, the high heat that comes from driving a car breakdown the oil in your vehicle. Over time, the oil becomes less effective as a lubricant for your care. Without good lubricant, certain engine parts begin to rub together and wear each other out. That can become a very dangerous and expensive situation.

Second, oil has additives to neutralize acids in your car. Over time, those additives are used up, and you need new oil.

Third, oil takes in water, dust, and other gunk and hold onto them. As the oil becomes poor, all the gunk stays in your car and can cause corrosion.

All this will suck the life of your car and engine. That is why if you are living in Hollywood, Florida come to the experts at Aventura Brakes and Auto Center for your auto needs. Call us at 305-931-6603.