Ives Estates Brake Service

Ives Estates Brake Service

When your brakes begin to go bad, that is bad news for everyone. Firstly if you feel that familiar high whistle, you should get to us as soon as possible. That whistle is a telltale sign from the designer that the brake is wearing down too fast. If it goes down any further, it will begin to do harm to the rotor. It’s at this moment that you should pick up the phone and call your Ives Estate Brake Service technician.

With Aventura brakes and auto, you are working with a family-owned establishment that has been providing their services for several years. Not only do we do brakes, but we also do engine work too, read about changing your brakes below!

Why should you change your brakes?

Ives Estate Brake ServiceYour brakes and rotor are extremely durable and while it may be true that at first whistle you don’t need to give us a call, but you need to address it immediately. As the brake wears down, the hard plastic beneath the destructible brakes will cut into the rotors. This can cause two problems: Brake Seizing and Slipping.

Seizing: The rotor is a piston based design which means that it pushes into the brake via the brake line. If the rotor is pushing in too far, it can become locked to the brake due to hyperextension. When this happens, it pins itself against the brake, and you have to take it in to be released.

Slipping: If the rotor is too cut up after the brake pads have been replaced it means that the brakes will wear down faster due to the unlevel terrain and it also means that there is a change that the brakes won’t catch the same putting you in danger.

What kind of Repair is there?

Ives Estates Brake ServiceBrake pad replacement – The brake pads are the sacrificial parts of the brakes and will purposefully wear down over time. When they are gone, all you need to do is simply replace them, and all is well!

Rotor Sanding – When the rotor has received extensive damage it will need to be leveled out. We offer our orbital sander to create an even terrain for the entire rotor maximizing efficiency.

Aventura Brakes and Auto

We have been providing our elite services for several years. If you would like to know more about our company, ongoing specials, or the services we provide, please give us a call today at (305) 931-6603!

Ives Estates Brake Service

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