Hialeah Car AC Repair

You need Hialeah Car AC Repair

If you’re baking alive in your car, then you know what you need in Hialeah. Car AC Repair. There’s no reason to make yourself suffer through this South Florida heat. So give us a call today!

Why us?

car ac repair in hialeah At Aventura Brakes and Auto, you are working with some of the best and brightest that Florida has to offer. Besides our vast experience and history as a company, we are also family owned; a small business that you can stand behind and know that we will always do our best to you.

  • Repair – When an a/c unit breaks down, it can be awful for you personally and your car. Besides being beaten down by the South Florida heat, it can also cause extra usage from your car. If an A/C is broken and not being used, it can still be drawing power from the car and costing your battery.
  • Recharge – Often, it will never be as bad as a broken air conditioning unit. Your A/C problem might be as simple as recharging the coolant that keeps your car so comfortable if that is the case, we offer some of the fastest AC recharge services in Florida!
  • hialeah car ac repairReplace – Other times; the AC has to go. Many people will sooner buy a new car rather than replace an AC unit for their car, which is a shame because we highly recommend replacements. There are so many advances with Air Conditioning units that it can only make your car run better!

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There may be some things in life that you can cheap out on like asking for a cup of water but grabbing a fountain soda. However, when it comes to the longevity of your vehicle, you have to take these matter seriously. If you would like to know more about our prices or specials, give us a call today at 305-931-6603

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