Hallandale Oil Change

Hallandale Oil Change

Oil changes are vital for the long-term benefit of your vehicle. It’s important or the necessary functionality of your car, it’s good for your gas mileage, and the long-term investment in your vehicle. It’s because of this that if you ever need a Hallandale oil change, don’t skimp on quality, call us!

Why change my oil?

Hallandale Oil ChangePart of the reason why most people don’t give weight to oil changes is that of the interchangeability of oil and gasoline. When politicians talk about things like ‘foreign oil’ they are referencing gas prices because the two are common but not the same. The gasoline is what fuels the combustions inside of your car. The engine pumps it’s pistons and circulates its fans so that it can keep funneling this controlled explosion out the back of your car.

But this generates incredible amounts of heat. Coolant systems are in place to keep the engine at a stable temperature. However, that doesn’t change the fact that there is a lot of metal on metal motions happening and if they generate enough heat, you can lock your piston to your engine and need a new engine. What keeps objects like the pistons lubricated is oil, and regular oil changes will ensure maximum performance.

Despite oil being relatively inexpensive and a typical oil change ranging anywhere from $25 to $50. But oil erodes at different speeds. A low-performance engine can require new oil in as little as 3,000 miles. This is because as oil sits and constantly shifts between heating up and cooling down, it leaves sediments all throughout the engine which can cause lower performance and sludge build up. So regular oil changes are great for your engine too.

Hallandale Oil ChangeThe Benefits of Oil Changes

  • It’s necessary for driving your car and preventing overheating or piston locks.
  • It’s a great way to invest in the long term stability of your vehicle.
  • It increases performance and MPG ratings.
  • Decreases Co2 emissions through your Catalytic Converter.

Aventura Brakes and Auto

Aventura Brakes and Auto Center have been the most reliable providers of Hallandale oil change for several years. We started off as a small shop and have created one of the most loyal customer bases in South Florida. If you or a loved one would like to know more about our services or our company, please be sure to give us a call at

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