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What is Engine Repair?

Engine repair can be any assortment of services. If you want to be very technical, most services are a form of engine repair in one form or another. However, most people will be regarding the next few services when they say there’s a problem and they need engine repair. Hollywood residents call us all the time to let us know there’s a problem.

The Various Services We Offer

hollywood engine repair Electrical System Repair – Electrical systems will run into problems all the time during the rain seasons. All it takes is one extra low dip into a flooded street, and your electrical system could go out fast.

Transmission Repair – Transmission repair is something we cover extensively on other pages. But the transmission keeps the tempo for your vehicle. When you are changing gears and keeping your car in park, the transmission tells the car where to keep itself.

Fluid Line Repair – Another common problem is fluid line repairs. This is the most common service on the market for cars that are older than 10+ years. While the tires and brakes and oil might be checked and taken care of, the fluid lines are almost never changed or inspected. Over time, especially with the heat and the rain, the fluid lines will grow stiff and crack, and this lets air and fluid drip out and becomes inefficient for your engine!

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Complete Engine Repair – Finally there is complete engine repair. If you made a mistake, if your engine ends up getting shot and you need someone to repair your engine completely, then you need to give us a call. We offer rudimentary engine repair as well as complete reconstructions. Call us today.

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We are fully trained, and certified mechanics are working out of Aventura. We can pick up your car or tow it if you need help. But please call us if you suspect anything is wrong with your transmission. There are a few things that you can ignore in your car for long enough that it won’t matter, but a problem with your transmission if left untreated could mean tanking your car completely. Call us today if you would like to receive an estimate or if you want to discuss symptoms that could possible be transmission related: 305-931-6603

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