Edgewater Oil Change

Acting as the lubricant of the engine that absorbs heat and allows the internal parts to work better without overheating, oil is an essential part of the dynamics of any vehicle. Through time, the molecules in oil begin to break down and wear out making it less efficient and in fact ineffective in protecting your engine from overheating.

oil change in edgewaterDue to the durability of engine oil life, it is recommended you change the oil of your vehicle every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Having a trusted, professional and affordable mechanic to do your oil change would extend the life of your vehicle and keep your auto in refreshed.

Why Get an Oil Change?

There are many reasons why your vehicle to require an oil change, sometimes even in an emergency situation. Newer autos electronics have service engine light warnings that would notify the driver it is time for an oil change or service. Here are a few reasons why you would need an oil change:

  • Maintain Engine Lubrication
  • Cooling Engine Components
  • Removal of Engine Wear Particles and Sludge
  • Improving Your Gas Mileage
  • Promote Vehicle Longevity

As the life of engine oil deteriorates, it begins to leave particles thought your engine and its components. When oil breaks down, it will begin to leave deposits, commonly referred to as sludge, on the interior surfaces of the engine. Through time sludge deposits will increase in your engine making the transfer of heat and energy throughout your engine and its components difficult.

edgewater oil changeThis will cause your engine to overwork and run hotter until it loses or diminishes its ability to work better. Finally, this will affect the gas mileage of your vehicle. And if you have noticed the price of gas at the pump lately, this is not a situation you will want to put yourself in.

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