Davie Auto Repair

Davie auto repair servicesDavie is a beautiful town located in Central Broward. It is home to over 95,000 residents, so it’s not hard to imagine that at least half those people have cars. And we have no doubt that they rely on car services to handle their needs because not too many people know how to take care of their cars on their own.

Aventura Brakes & Auto Center has all your Davie auto repair needs covered. If you need an oil change in Davie, FL, we can handle it. If you need your tires rotated, we will take care of it. If your muffler is not working properly, we will fix it. We have years of experience handling various needs across South Florida.

Auto Repair in Davie, FLAuto repair in Davie, FL

Auto repair in Davie, FL does not have to be stressful. Our team is highly efficient, reliable and experienced with cars of all makes and models. If your car has been acting funny, lately give us a quick call for a consult. Has your engine light been turning on sporadically? Does the car sound different than before? We can help you with any situation. Our mechanics are highly skilled and will give you a quick diagnosis and offer helpful suggestions and quick solutions to any and all your issues.

Davie auto repairIf your car is older and needs regular maintenance, Aventura Brakes & Auto Center will have you in and out of the Davie auto repair shop in a jiffy! We have all the knowledge, experience, tools and skills to maintain your car to make sure it is running smoothly. Your safety is of utmost importance to us and we want to make sure you are able to move around South Florida without having to worry about your car breaking down. Call us now to make sure your vehicle is secure, efficient and reliable.