Automotive Repair in Coral Gables, FL

A vast portion of your time is spent inside of your car. You go to your job in your car, the gym, the movies, the grocery store, just about anywhere in your car. Your car is a part of your life that should always be working correctly because you always have places that you need to be. Your car should also function properly, so yourself and other remain safe in and around it. To keep your car safe, regular maintenance should be performed, and any problem should be fixed when it occurs. As a resident of South Florida, you have many options for a mechanic, but you should always take your car to a reputable Coral Gables auto repair shop if a problem ever arises. The mechanic that you should go to is Aventura Brakes & Auto Center.

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Our Services

Oil Change – Everyone needs to get an oil change. Otherwise, your car will run too hot and hurt itself. Either part will begin to wear down, or you will have piston lock, and then you’re in for a world of trouble!

Engine Work – There are numerous reasons to take your car in for engine work. But don’t you worry, at Aventura Brakes and Auto, you know you’re receiving the most honest work on the market. We can and will work on most engine problems you could receive, and we work our hardest to fix it fast!

Body Work – Get in a fender bender or scrape someone on accident? Don’t worry; we can cover most body work in our shop right here. Anything from light detailing to comprehensive paint jobs, just call us today!

Brakes and Tires – Our bread and butter are tires and brakes! We are the best in South Florida. We can patch and fix any tire as well as install a set of brakes faster than anyone else in Hialeah.

Auto Repair in Coral Gables

Hallandale Oil ChangeBring your car into Aventura Brakes & Auto Center for all of your regular maintenance. If you have been waiting for a while to get an oilchange, or need something repaired in your car, we are the best Coral Gables auto repair shop that you will find. When you have your car repaired at our shop, you will leave satisfied, and your car will run like it is new.  If you would like to know more about our prices or specials, give us a call today at 305-931-6603