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car brakes hallandale aventura brakes and auto centerAnyone with a car wants a smooth driving experience with good working brakes. A truly frightful thought or for some of you, an actual experience is when brakes are not working properly. If your car brakes are loose and you find yourself applying more pressure to make the brakes work, it can be a distressing. That is why the average user wants are smooth, quiet car brake systems that are dependable. Car brakes have involved over the years to handle the friction, transforming to old asbestos brakes to semi-metallic brakes. While each of these types of car brakes have their advantages, they also have their disadvantages. However, one kind of car brake has proven better than the other types of brakes, the ceramic brakes.

Initially used because of its resistance to high heat, asbestos brakes were used commonly throughout cars. Since then, old asbestos brakes pads have been discovered to cause serious health issues. Worse sometimes organic compounds cannot meet the challenges that brakes need to meet. Asbestos brakes are also less prevalent now because of the risks. Car brakes have involved to use semi-metallic brakes because of the strength it provided and its ability to conduct heat away from the rotor. Unfortunately, these brake types generates noise and were so abrasive that it increased rotor wear.

Ceramic Brakesceramic brakes hallandale aventura brakes

Ceramic Brakes have grown more popular because of its many advantages that solved many issues that asbestos and semi-metallic provided. Ceramic Brakes are able to:

  • Handle high temperatures
  • A faster recovery between stops
  • Generates much less dust
  • Less wear on both pads and rotors
  • Quiet braking as compared to semi-metallic brakes. It is able to do this because the ceramic compound that makes the pad reduces the noise made to a frequency that is beyond the capability for humans to hear.

Ceramic Brakes also produced a light colored dust that is not easily noticeable therefore car wheels are cleaner longer. Ceramic brakes meets or exceed standards when it comes down to durability, stopping distance and noise. It is no wonder that it is an attractive option for so many people.

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