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Carol-City-Football-LogoYou’ve got to get to work. Going from one place to another can be a major chore and a hassle, but you always have your car. When you depend on something as much as you do your vehicle you have to make sure that you take care of it as much as you take care of yourself. If you want the best service for your car then you need the best mechanic Carol City can offer. There are no better mechanics in the Miami-Dade area than in Aventure Brakes & Auto Center.

Whether you want to take the car in for a quick oil change and tire tune up, or you need to bring your ride in for a complete overhaul, the best is Aventura Brakes & Auto Center.

Brake replacement is an extremely common repair that needs to occur with vehicles; we offer the Premium brake services. The process may be simple, but there are a lot of traps that can catch some of the inexperienced mechanics. First, we will detach the tire from the base of the vehicle via lug nut removal. Next, we will make sure that the brake pads are properly replaced and properly lubricated to ensure no more agitating squeak. Afterward, we will test the durability of the rotor and see if it needs replacing. Often with Rotors, they are so thick that sanding the top layer off can ensure that we reuse the rotor without having to purchase another piece.

Time is money, and we offer speed. We understand that you are on the go and don’t have the time to waste on snail-quality mechanics. Even if you can’t believe our speeds then definitely believe our experience. Aventura Auto Repairs has been in business since 1989. With over twenty years of experience as a local business trust us when we say that the customer and their satisfaction is what has kept us in this line of work.

Our time as Carol City Mechanics has allowed us to find the best prices, offer the premium service and remain where we have for over two decades. Miami is our home, and we work hard to treat the customer and their time with the dignity and the respect they have earned as residents.

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