Car Repair in Ives Estates

Car Repair

car a/c repair ives estatesWhen you car begins to stumble or starts to act up, you don’t have to worry and stress about it. Aventura Brakes and Auto Center is just what you need to get your car back in shape. If you are looking for car repair, our auto center is what you need to get it all it shape. We specialize in so many aspects of your car; we are the one stop shop for any and all of your car repair needs.

A car in need of repair can be a disruptive factor in your life, such as being late to work, being late to other commitments you make have planned in your life. Worse, instead of being late, your might not be able to make it at all to your commitments car repair in ives estateswhich can lead to potentially a loss of income, a serious and devastating effect of not having your car in its best shape. That is why it is so important to call Aventura for your entire car repair needs.

In addition to general auto repair, we also offer brakes repair for your car. Brakes are crucial to safety, not only your own but everyone around you. Whether you need simple brake repair issues fixes such as new pads, rotors lines or something much larger like an overhaul of your entire brake system, you can trust that the brakes specialists can handle every and all your brakes repair your need. Brakes repairs are not something you can neglect or ignore. Call Aventura to get your brakes repaired and safe for the road.

Car A/C Repair

brakes repair ives estatesFlorida is hot all year long, and when spring rolls around, the sun is ready to heat up and shine all over the state. It is frustrating to go out in the Florida sun and drive around with no a/c. The sun can be so hot during a regular Florida day that even the wind that manages to blow in your car is hot. With Aventura Brakes and Auto Center, you don’t need to suffer anymore. We are the professionals in car a/c repair from refilling Freon, installing new compressors, repairing small leaks in your system or even replacing whole a/c units. The professionals at Aventura Brakes and Auto Center are the experts you need to provide expert car a/c repairs. You don’t have to suffer anymore in the heat. If you have any issues with your car a/c, we provide expert car a/c repair.

Aventura Brakes and Auto Center offers many other services for you car:

  • Check Engine Diagnostic
  • A/C Repair
  • Oil Changes
  • Tune-Up
  • Brake Repair
  • Engine Performance
  • Front End

Call us for all of your car repairs needs such as brakes repair, car a/c repair or any other car requirements to get on the road and be safe. We care about our customers and are committed to their needs.




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