We offer the complete package regarding brake repairs, part of those services means Brake Lines.  Brake lines are the steel tubes that pull on your brakes to stop your tires. brake repair miami beach aventure braks and auto centerIf these ever become severed or worse for wear, then you will end up with malfunctioning brakes at very bad times.  Luckily we can fix that.

Our mechanic’s team are well equipped and very experienced with all manner of brakes for all manner of cars. With a simple drive in (towing services available), we can do both brake line repair and brake line replacement if need be.

Brake Line Repair

For brake line repair it’s a simple procedure, but it is still difficult. We will hoist your car up, find where the snap happened, remove all rusted or corroded materials and replace those hoses accordingly. Then we press on the brakes to flush out any metal or contaminants that could be in the hose before sealing it up with replacement material.

When we finish with brake line repair, we will run it through vigorous tests because it is better to prepare safely for the unexpected.

Brake Line Replacement

If you need a complete brake line replacement, we can fix that too. The process might be a little more of the same thing, but believe me, doing the entire stretch is no easy feat.Slide4 Replacing a brake line would require complete, secure, and a tested connection to the wheels as well as the brake pedal.

Aventura Brakes & Auto Center

Call us at (305) 931-6603. We offer the top of the brake line services for competitive prices and bottom line service. We know that you want to get in and out and back to your daily life, and we are ready to accommodate that fact at our store. Our services are the fastest in all South Florida.