The brakes are the most important and debatably the most used part of your vehicle. A strong brake system can mean the difference between being on time and being too late. Luckily for your Aventura Brakes & Auto Center offers the total package when it comes to brake repair. Drive confidently knowing that we’ve put the best service possible into your vehicle.

Brake Repairs

Brake Pads and Rotors

The parts that degrade the quickest. The rotor is responsible for pressing against the wheels and having the car come to a complete stop. The brake pads are what press the rotor to stopping. The brake pads receive the brunt of the force and will often be the first part to be replaced. If you don’t replace the pads soon enough they can severely damage the rotors. Thankfully, we can fix both of these problems for you as well as offer alternative services for maintaining your rotor for longer instead of replacing it.

Caliper Repair

The caliper is responsible for receiving the brake fluid and initiating the squeeze between the pads and the rotor. The caliper is the most important part of the brake system and while it is a hefty piece of machinery, it is still tethered to the vehicle by the brake line itself. Should the caliper become damaged, we can completely replace and repair the caliper. However, the most common problem is letting the caliper dangle which can tear the brake line, then you have a serious problem.

Brake Caliper

Brake Line Repair

Brake Line servicing is the most difficult replacement for the brake system. This brake line threads the brake fluid from the engine to the brakes across the car. The most common services that we offer is a complete brake line replacement, this usually occurs when the caliper has been pulled too much and injures the brake line. However, it is possible to perform tube splicing and brake line repair for less serious cases of brake line repair. The best way to know for sure is to bring the car in and let us look at it!