Brake Repair Miramar

Do you need Brake Repair in Miramar?

If you hear the tell-tale squeaking or if your brakes just aren’t stopping as fast as you want them to then it’s time for brake repair. Miramar may provide plenty of great choices in the ways of mechanics, but if you want the best services in South Florida, then you need to contact Aventura Brakes and auto.

What we Offer

Brake Pad Replacement

brake replacement in miramar If you hear the tell-tale squeaking sound of your brakes, don’t panic. That’s a good thing. That means your brake pads are wearing down and it’s time to replace them. Call us today, and we can swap out your old, worn-down brake pads for brand new ones!

Rotor Repair and Replacement

If you’ve waited too long to replace your brake pads, then your rotors will begin to receive damage. The rotors are the pressure plates that will stop the wheels from turning, and if they don’t catch quite right, they can wear down your brake pads faster or worse slow your braking speed. You can repair these by sanding them down or outrightly replace them for a little bit more.

Brake Caliper Repair

brake replacement miramar

Additionally, sometimes people try to fix their brakes on their own, and the biggest culprit of amateur work is injuring the brake caliper. The caliper is what keeps the brake system together with the brake line and the tire, and often people will let it dangle instead of hanging it up. When you do that, it strains the caliper and can cause damage to the brake lines.

Brake Line Repair

If your brake lines become breached, strained, or broken, then you won’t be able to brake properly, and you can injure yourself or another. If you suspect this is the problem, call us today and get your brakes fixed!

Aventura Brakes and Auto

Aventura Brakes & Auto Center, as a premier auto and brake repair shop, we have one goal: to provide the best auto repair experience possible. From auto care to customer service, our mission is you. For high-quality auto repair, South Florida residents can trust our ASE certified technicians to provide a wide range of services for domestic and imported vehicles, including engine repair, transmission services, tune-ups, and much more.

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