Hollywood Brake Service

Brake Repair HollywoodWhen your brakes begin to go bad, that is bad news for everyone. Firstly if you feel that familiar high whistle, you should get to us as soon as possible. That whistle is a telltale sign from the designer that the brake is wearing down too fast. If it goes down any further, it will begin to harm the rotor. It’s at this moment that you should pick up the phone and call your Ives Estate Brake Service technician.

With Aventura brakes and auto, you are working with a family-owned establishment that has been providing their services for several years. Not only do we do brakes, but we also do engine work too, read about changing your brakes below!

Our Brake Pad Services

Brake Pad Replacement – The most common way to ‘fix’ your brakes is to replace the brake pads. Since the brake pads are meant to be worn down and throw away, it is not uncommon to have brake pads switched out and is inexpensive. The process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Piston Lubrication – Sometimes, especially with cars that have gone a long time without brake checkups, the default lubrication can become sticky and hard. When this happens, all we do is remove the piston, clean it thoroughly and lubricate it thoroughly. This usually is standard with every brake change.

Ives Estate Brake Service

Rotor Sanding – If you wait too long to change your brake pads because they are grinding, then you need your rotor sanded. What happens is that the hard plastic that doesn’t take damage well is grinding into the rotor, scarring it. Scarred rotors will both not catch onto brakes as well and tear down your brake pads quicker.

Aventura Brakes and Auto

Aventura Brakes & Auto Center, as a premier auto and brake repair shop, we have one goal: to provide the best auto repair experience possible. From auto care to customer service, our mission is you. For high-quality auto repair, South Florida residents can trust our ASE certified technicians to provide a wide range of services for domestic and imported vehicles, including engine repair, transmission services, tune-ups, and much more.