Having Brake Problems?

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If you start hearing the ominous whistle or even worse, feel the metallic scraping, it’s time for you to change your brake pads. When your brakes begin to whistle, that means the factory safety measure has been triggered. There is a little hole that is drilled near the last 20% of a brakes life span, and that hole will cause the air to release.

If you ignore this whistle for too long, the pads will erode to hard metal which can tear the rotor. This can put you in extreme danger because at any point you can lock your brakes or destroy your caliper. While there are some problems that you can delay on fixing for your vehicle, the brakes are not one of them. Aventura Brakes & Auto Center are the premium brake repair shop in Aventura.

Brake Pads Replacement


Brake Pads Replacement – One of the most common repair services in Aventura is brake pads replacement. It’s a very simple procedure where we take the two old brake pads and repair them with two new ones.

Rotor Repair and Replacement – the most difficult process involves the rotor. When the brake pads are triggered, they press the rotor against the wheel which causes the slowing. Sometimes when the brakes are changed fast enough, the rotors are fine and don’t need to be changed at all.

However, if the rotor is damaged or scraped, then we have a different matter to attend to. If the rotor is dinged up a little bit, we can probably just sand it down until it’s smooth. Sanding will ensure that the brakes still catch on the rotor in a positive way. But if the rotor is damaged too extensively, we will need to replace the rotor. Now both of these services require roughly the same process regarding repairing the rotor; the only difference is whether you purchase a sanding service or a replacement part.

Aventura Brakes & Auto Center

Car repair and vehicular service shouldn’t be a difficult process At Aventura Brakes & Auto Center, we believe in presenting the best service and products at all time. When you need to replace brake pads, call us at (305) 931-6603.